Siân Matthews' Silverware is a true partnership of form and decoration in contemporary Silver.
Fascinated by both the intricacy and detail of a two dimensional pattern along with the strong pure form of a functional container.

Essential to her design is that her silverware is to be used, treasured and enjoyed in interiors and homes today.

Forms are pure, often minimal and always with a focus to the function of the piece.  Decoration is bold, with patterns blanketing 
the surface of the piece, yet subtle in the use of etching and silver finish. Patterns are inspired by period interiors, domestic prints 
and a reference to natural forms.

From research initially carried out during her studies at the Royal College of Art Siân developed her skill and knowledge of etching 
and the intricate application to a three dimensional form.  Fascinated by periods of decorative indulgence and the combination of this 
nostalgic decor with clean minimal forms of a more contemporary age...present referencing past....Siân developed her 'Traditional' range 
of silverware.

Following this range Siân pursued a more free style of pattern in her 'Organic' range - a truly intricate pattern that creeps delicately 
over the silver surface.
Siâns latest collection 'Droplet' is inspired by the pure simplicity of a single droplet shape combined with a fascination of the actual 
process and calculated methods of creating patterns. Repeating, manipulating and meticulously arranging this single droplet shape to 
etch harmoniously with the silver form.

Alongside the silver collections Siân has also undertaken several prestigious award commissions for corporations.  Working with 
companies to design and produce bespoke awards with attention to detail and quality.

Siân graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2005 and since then has won several awards including ones from DKNY, Theo Fennel 
and Thomas Lyte.  

After living and working in London for nearly ten years Siân recently moved to Essex where she works independently from her studio.

For information on where you can see a collection of Siâns work please look at the Events page for current and upcoming exhibitions.  

Or feel free to Contact Siân to discuss commissions, projects or for further information.